Wednesday, 19 August 2009


Our predecessors who came before us
Sacrificed much to give us the best
Going through unbelievable tribulations & trials
Some failed so others could pass this future test.

To sit where we were not supposed to sit
To say what we were not supposed to say
I guess others thought this was still slavery days
Where ‘Da Massa’ still had his own wicked way.

Setting up paths we were meant to follow
To name Rosa Parks, Jesse Jackson and Martin Luther King
They alone braved up and faced the scorn
They weathered the storm others wanted to bring.

In 2008, this fourth day of November
Finally brought in a chance to rearrange
In a mixed race Black Kenyan and White Kansan
Sixty million Americans voted him in to bring about change.

Others said it would never happen
Others wanted to keep our dream as unfulfilled broken dreams
But when a nation finally came together as one
In Barack Obama a new breed of President and hope will be seen.

Millions held hands all over the world,
All colours and creeds celebrated crying tears of unbridled joy
Because who would have thought what was an idea…
Having a Black Man as President was no longer a ploy.

An inspiration to all especially our black youth
This is a glorious day to remember
He proved that to go to school, get a job, dreams can come true
So remember and hold dear onwards on this fifth November.

Don’t deny your aspirations
Nor let them pass you by
Mr Obama ran and won the race for President
Achieving the impossible... so you can fulfil your dreams, soar and fly!

© 6th November 2008 – 16:29pm Written by Angela Edgar
All Rights Reserved. Unauthorised reproduction prohibited.

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