Wednesday, 19 August 2009


God’s called your name
He’s called you to your purpose
It’s time for you to realise your worth
It’s time to do God’s bidding
Here, in your time on earth
It’s your higher calling
He’s blessed us all with some talent or skill
To create beautiful art
Or speak words to unite
Or gently stop ill will
To be able to listen
To be able to guide others who are lost within
Taking something good from something tragic
Washing away our regrets and sins
Everyday thank and sing His praises
There are many more ways we can do our part
Yes, when you wake up thank and sing His praise
From the very bottom of your heart
For it’s your purpose He’s ordained
From before your conception,
From long before the idea of your birth
Don’t deny your higher calling
How else can all feel God’s loving girth
Accept your higher calling
It is to spread His gospel word
In your thoughts, actions and daily deeds
Through you He’ll answer the prayers of those in need
Reach those who feel they can’t cope
Reach out a hand to those who feel they’ve lost hope
His love and spiritual guidance will set you free
To bring glory to His name eternally.

So to follow your higher calling
Now and always, Blessed you will be.

© 4th November 2008 – 19.20pm Written by Angela Edgar
WWW.ANGEE.CO.UK All Rights Reserved.
Unauthorised reproduction prohibited.

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