Wednesday, 19 August 2009


God’s called your name
He’s called you to your purpose
It’s time for you to realise your worth
It’s time to do God’s bidding
Here, in your time on earth
It’s your higher calling
He’s blessed us all with some talent or skill
To create beautiful art
Or speak words to unite
Or gently stop ill will
To be able to listen
To be able to guide others who are lost within
Taking something good from something tragic
Washing away our regrets and sins
Everyday thank and sing His praises
There are many more ways we can do our part
Yes, when you wake up thank and sing His praise
From the very bottom of your heart
For it’s your purpose He’s ordained
From before your conception,
From long before the idea of your birth
Don’t deny your higher calling
How else can all feel God’s loving girth
Accept your higher calling
It is to spread His gospel word
In your thoughts, actions and daily deeds
Through you He’ll answer the prayers of those in need
Reach those who feel they can’t cope
Reach out a hand to those who feel they’ve lost hope
His love and spiritual guidance will set you free
To bring glory to His name eternally.

So to follow your higher calling
Now and always, Blessed you will be.

© 4th November 2008 – 19.20pm Written by Angela Edgar
WWW.ANGEE.CO.UK All Rights Reserved.
Unauthorised reproduction prohibited.


Hiding behind a smile
So outsiders looking in
Think that everything is fine
It’s your armour and your defence
To the ever prying questions
“Are you alright?”
Your repetitive nonchalant replies of
“I’m fine” or “I’m okay”
When you know deep down inside
That nothing is dandy anymore.

You hide behind a smile
One that is so glowing and bright
Sparkling like your effervescent personality
That you also use as a shield
Which you hope will deter further investigation
Into your wellbeing into your inner psyche
But your eyes will never lie
They’ll always betray your deepest feeling
Your darkest emotional state of mind
If someone wants to really see the truth
They will see instantly
They won’t be jaded or blinded by preconceptions
They’ll clearly see just how much you hurt inside
And if you let them, the can offer you a hand
Help raise your spirits once again
By pointing you back in the right direction
So you’ll no longer have to hide behind a smile
Because you will have something to smile about
And everything to live for again.

©8th December 2008 – 14:42pm Written by Angela Edgar
WWW.ANGEE.CO.UK All Rights Reserved.
Unauthorised Reproduction Prohibited.


Blow off the dusty atlas
That is my construct
Well travelled and traversed by letters
Peek through the curtains of my words
Delve deep into my historical abyss
Watch by the sidelines
As I pop a literary pill to relieve my vocab addiction.

Hunt through the archives of my mind
What wonders and secrets will you there find?
A vowel or consonant, a comma or an apostrophe
Blended together seamlessly or in total confusion?
They wait hungrily to be rewritten into something new
So perhaps all you might see there is a glimpse of a blank canvas
For these are my unformed poems in the attic of my brain.

©17th September 2006 – 04:20am Written by Angela Edgar
WWW.ANGEE.CO.UK All Rights Reserved.
Unauthorised Reproduction Prohibited.


It warms the soul
When I lift the spoon from the bowl
To my lips they go
A hearty chicken and split pea soup
I’ve got to know
To get to the bottom of the china plate
A sensation of warming goodness on me it makes
A few sips here
A few generous slurps there
Oh how could it make my worries disappear?
I don’t want it to finish
It’s just too good to end
Bwoy… me a go box off what’s left of this soup
Made by Marie my friend!

©1st November 2008 -18.15pm Written by Angela Edgar
All Rights Reserved. Unauthorised reproduction prohibited.


When things are obvious
She’s sometimes oblivious to that fact
Who ever said hair colour
Influences intelligence or rather common sense
May have been onto something
Her blonde moments
When the simple becomes…
Simply impossible.

© 9th April 2008 – 09.22am Written By Angela Edgar
All Rights Reserved.
Unauthorised reproductions prohibited.


A sky full of balloons waiting to be caught
Multi-coloured delicate rubber
Varying in shape and size
Long billowing streamers
Trail behind them on the ground
Waiting for a hand to grab hold of
We run and chase after them
They bob and weave teasingly just out of reach
Like intangible thoughts
Like emotions laid bare
Eyes heaven-ward, we grasp and reach up
Stretching to our tippy toes
But the streamers trail through fingertips…
As we fail to hold onto them
We lose balance as they fly high, rise high
All we can do is weep and stare up
At loves long lost or missed opportunities
And thoughts disappeared behind a puff of cloud…
We’re left stranded, standing alone in our field of dreams
Eyes heaven-ward, defeated arms hang sadly by our sides
As we realise what we had hoped to hold dear
Are forever gone… All Gone…

© 27th August 2008 – 11.05am Written by Angela Edgar
All Rights Reserved. Unauthorised reproduction prohibited.


You gotta shine bright
You gotta see you are a light
A shining star sent to guide others
Fathers, Mothers, Sisters and Brothers
Showing them a different path, from the one they now tread
Showing them that there really is nothing to dread
Showing them there always is another choice
Showing them it’s okay as one to share their voice.

You gotta shine bright
You gotta see you are a light
One that will lead others back to the right
Open your heart, so others will sing
Bare your soul, give the dark keeper back his bling
By believing that you can, look deep and have faith
Work hard, you can have it all, perhaps even too the cake.

You gotta shine bright
You gotta see you are a light
Show them it’s possible, you can reach that dream goal
Together we protect, we are one of the same fold
Tarry awhile so you don’t stumble or fall
You were destined to shine bright for them after all
It’s part of the process so worry not, just do you
With God by your side, He will help us all through.

You will shine bright
Don’t you see you are a light
You are one of many specials
Born to lead others back to the right.

© 21st October 2008 – 12.22pm Written by Angela Edgar
All Rights Reserved. Unauthorised reproduction prohibited.


Our predecessors who came before us
Sacrificed much to give us the best
Going through unbelievable tribulations & trials
Some failed so others could pass this future test.

To sit where we were not supposed to sit
To say what we were not supposed to say
I guess others thought this was still slavery days
Where ‘Da Massa’ still had his own wicked way.

Setting up paths we were meant to follow
To name Rosa Parks, Jesse Jackson and Martin Luther King
They alone braved up and faced the scorn
They weathered the storm others wanted to bring.

In 2008, this fourth day of November
Finally brought in a chance to rearrange
In a mixed race Black Kenyan and White Kansan
Sixty million Americans voted him in to bring about change.

Others said it would never happen
Others wanted to keep our dream as unfulfilled broken dreams
But when a nation finally came together as one
In Barack Obama a new breed of President and hope will be seen.

Millions held hands all over the world,
All colours and creeds celebrated crying tears of unbridled joy
Because who would have thought what was an idea…
Having a Black Man as President was no longer a ploy.

An inspiration to all especially our black youth
This is a glorious day to remember
He proved that to go to school, get a job, dreams can come true
So remember and hold dear onwards on this fifth November.

Don’t deny your aspirations
Nor let them pass you by
Mr Obama ran and won the race for President
Achieving the impossible... so you can fulfil your dreams, soar and fly!

© 6th November 2008 – 16:29pm Written by Angela Edgar
All Rights Reserved. Unauthorised reproduction prohibited.


What a pleasure it was to be invited
To share my art and my thoughts
I take it as a time to celebrate
Because I’m reading on Roots

I’m speaking my words
You’re listening to me flow
You all inspire me with your comments
I’m reading on Roots, it will help me to grow

I’m reading on Roots
My voice travelling across air
I’m rising up high
With nary a care

I’m reading on Roots
95.4 stop the dial you’ll feel so close
I hope you’re enjoying it
Maybe you’ll hear something you didn’t know

I’m reading on Roots
Sharing the mic with the best
I’m certainly being challenged
I’m being put to the test

I’m reading on Roots
I’m so blessed to be here
I’ll give you a taste of my verse
Prove that in writing you’ve nothing to fear

I love writing new stuff
I love reading on Roots
Because a good poem shines through
Like a well polished boot.

I’m reading on Roots
Wow, I never thought this could be
A newly published poet
Trying to get known and break free

To Bassa & General & Roots FM
I thank you so much
I’m here as long as you and the listeners want me
Because reading on Roots is such a creative touch.

© 26th June 2008 – 14:43pm Written by Angela Edgar
All Rights Reserved. Unauthorised reproduction prohibited.


Black is back to being the new black
Black can’t be seen to be under attack
A new Doctor Who?
You know the Time Lord on British TV
A potential future James Bond
(Yeah it could be Colin Salmon the same actor too!)
Hamilton’s the new Formula 1 racing ace
Setting new targets at a breakneck pace
Tennis Queens in the Williams sisters already exist
Going for gold medals and Wimbledon shields all of us must persist.
Black is the new black
Olympic records set for fastest man and woman on the track
Usain Bolt, Shelly-Ann Fraser and Veronica Campbell-Brown are black
They ran strong from the Caribbean
To show they had heart
They knew this was a race they’d win from the start.
But the greatest feat in the first November week
Saw many colours of people weep
A Black Man Barack Obama elected President of the US of A
That was something that made many people’s day!
We are Black and we’re proud
Singing it out loud…
Yes we did!
A historic moment forever to remember, for kids to tell their kids
Black is the new black
So tell me what you think about that!

© 10th November 2008 – 14.52pm Written by Angela Edgar
All Rights Reserved. Unauthorised reproduction prohibited.


I do a lot of looking out the window
To see what I can see
Today what holds my attention
Is this one particular tree
On the main road it easily stands four storeys in height
Its all-shaded green leaves so luscious looking
Like edible velvet I want to stroke or bite
To feel its softness beneath my fingertips
To wrap myself in its leafy yoke
Imagining butterfly touches as they trail my skin in the breeze…
A sight so beautiful as to make one hold a breath and choke.

But often the reality is harsher
Crispy and sharp edges of bitter leaves
That crumple in my hand
That scratch me leaving marks
As slowly, they spring back once more
I look next at the patchy bark
Its trunk and arms splattered with age
And the effects of pollution
Then I think how long has this tree been there?
To have aged and grown so tall
How has the industrial landscape
Formed… changed, around its limbs?
What stories could this tree tell?

I visualise myself standing, watching the tree
As time slides backwards around me
Covering minutes, hours, days
The change in seasons
Time rolls even further back, weeks, months, years
Buildings destroyed in reverse deconstruction
Landscapes revitalised to their former glory
To the shape of their former barren lands
As all traces of man vanish and disappear in nature’s fertile glory.

©16th July 2009-16:08pm Written by Angela Edgar
WWW.ANGEE.CO.UK All Rights Reserved.
Unauthorised Reproduction Prohibited.