Wednesday, 19 August 2009


What a pleasure it was to be invited
To share my art and my thoughts
I take it as a time to celebrate
Because I’m reading on Roots

I’m speaking my words
You’re listening to me flow
You all inspire me with your comments
I’m reading on Roots, it will help me to grow

I’m reading on Roots
My voice travelling across air
I’m rising up high
With nary a care

I’m reading on Roots
95.4 stop the dial you’ll feel so close
I hope you’re enjoying it
Maybe you’ll hear something you didn’t know

I’m reading on Roots
Sharing the mic with the best
I’m certainly being challenged
I’m being put to the test

I’m reading on Roots
I’m so blessed to be here
I’ll give you a taste of my verse
Prove that in writing you’ve nothing to fear

I love writing new stuff
I love reading on Roots
Because a good poem shines through
Like a well polished boot.

I’m reading on Roots
Wow, I never thought this could be
A newly published poet
Trying to get known and break free

To Bassa & General & Roots FM
I thank you so much
I’m here as long as you and the listeners want me
Because reading on Roots is such a creative touch.

© 26th June 2008 – 14:43pm Written by Angela Edgar
All Rights Reserved. Unauthorised reproduction prohibited.

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