Wednesday, 19 August 2009


A sky full of balloons waiting to be caught
Multi-coloured delicate rubber
Varying in shape and size
Long billowing streamers
Trail behind them on the ground
Waiting for a hand to grab hold of
We run and chase after them
They bob and weave teasingly just out of reach
Like intangible thoughts
Like emotions laid bare
Eyes heaven-ward, we grasp and reach up
Stretching to our tippy toes
But the streamers trail through fingertips…
As we fail to hold onto them
We lose balance as they fly high, rise high
All we can do is weep and stare up
At loves long lost or missed opportunities
And thoughts disappeared behind a puff of cloud…
We’re left stranded, standing alone in our field of dreams
Eyes heaven-ward, defeated arms hang sadly by our sides
As we realise what we had hoped to hold dear
Are forever gone… All Gone…

© 27th August 2008 – 11.05am Written by Angela Edgar
All Rights Reserved. Unauthorised reproduction prohibited.

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